Motorize a sliding gate

Motorize a sliding gate

Motorizing a sliding gate means that you no longer have to move around to open it according to the comings and goings in the house. Manufacturers currently offer the possibility of acquiring products that you can install yourself in an afternoon for a small fee. By following some useful tips and respecting the installation diagram, you can take advantage of the remote control of the sliding gate of the house.

Motorize a sliding gate: all in one

The kits that can be found in all the major DIY stores are economical and include all the elements necessary for motorizing a sliding gate. Thanks to a motor positioned on the ground and protected from the weather, the circuit will be powered. However, a nearby source of electricity should be provided. Most of the engines are still energy-consuming today. Few manufacturers offer models with an alternative and / or autonomous energy source.

Motorizing a sliding gate: with notches and security

Several mechanisms exist to then allow the motor to activate the opening of the sliding gate. However, the safest and most discreet consists of a notched bar which, once positioned on the gate, causes the movement of the gate. To carry out an installation of this type supposes to correctly calculate the height of the mechanism in order to respect the gate as well as possible. It is also necessary to take into account the need for a good fixing on wood or metal as well as on the ground for the engine.