Terracotta floor: 9 tips to modernize your rooms

Terracotta floor: 9 tips to modernize your rooms

Marry terracotta floors with white

If you do not want to give your interior a rustic and country style despite the omnipresence of terracotta floors, then opt for white painted walls. This will give you a very modern look to your rooms despite the presence of tiled floors. The light provided by the walls will be of the most beautiful effect and you will get a contrast between walls and floors just as modern as it is elegant.

Combine terracotta floors with charming furniture

In order to furnish a terracotta floor room in a modern style, opt for charming furniture chosen in light colors. Your furniture will be highlighted with elegance. This advice applies to kitchen furniture as well as the dining table, sofa or sideboard. Your room will then be bathed in a soft and warm atmosphere, up to date.

Combine terracotta floors and dark colors

Terracotta floors have the advantage of being able to combine with the diversity of your tastes. If you do not particularly like light furniture, then do not hesitate to give in to the opposite trend by opting for dark furniture. The colors to blue or dark gray base and even black will bring a breath of modernity to your room. The main thing is not to opt for wooden furniture which, combined with the floor tiles, would make you fall back into an older and rustic style.

Terracotta floors and industrial style

The association of terracotta floors with industrial style furniture and accessories seems surprising. And yet it is the ideal solution for modernize your interior. You will find that this marriage is most successful. Associate metallic colors and materials to your terracotta floors allows you to bring out each element and enhance it. The whole combines naturally to create an effect full of pep and dynamism.

Mix terracotta floors and ultra-contemporary style

Do you want to modernize your rooms with terracotta floors? Take the complete opposite of this rustic style by furnishing your spaces with resolutely modern pieces. So choose kitchen furniture with bright colors and chairs at very contemporary design. For the bedroom, we opt for a simple and modern bed. We use furniture and lighting with a very current design favoring straight and clean lines.

Place carpets on terracotta floors

Carpets, including the famous Persian carpet, are making a comeback. They also bring heat that of modernity piece. It's also a great way to partially hide terracotta floors that you don't necessarily like.

Mix terracotta floors and contemporary tiles

If you cannot or do not want to remove all of your terracotta floors, replace it here and there a few tiles with tiles with more contemporary prints, like a checkered pattern for example. Your floors will revitalized and modernized in just a few tiles. Likewise, a terracotta floor in a bathroom can be perfectly combined with metro-style wall tiles in current shades such as powder pink. You will obtain an elegant rendering imbued with modernity.

Revive terracotta floors

It is possible to modernize a terracotta floor room by simply reviving the color of the tiles. To do this, heat a mixture of old fashioned wax and D'turpentine. Once it is transformed into a very fluid liquid, brush the tomettes until saturation. You just have to let them dry. It is also possible to apply wax on your tiles. You will then get a more satin finish

Repainting terracotta floors

You also have the possibility of modernizing your rooms with terracotta floors by deciding to repaint the tiles in a color of your choice. Since terracotta is very porous, it is essential to prepare the soil before painting. To do this, clean the floor tiles well, then apply a fixative or primer, special for fixing floors, over their entire surface. You can then proceed to the step of the painting, usually in two layers. After drying, you can enjoy your renovated floor which will bring all the modernity desired to the room